What Are Internet Marketing “JV Giveaways”?

JV (Joint Venture) Giveaways are the best way to get tons of free stuff or add tons of subscribers to your email list, and it’s usually the main reason behind the giveaway.

A JV Giveaway is a special promotion that lasts a short period of time (usually a few weeks), during which all products are given away for free.

Products given away can include:

  • eBooks and reports
  • Software such as WordPress Plugins, Themes and Templates, etc.
  • Audio based products
  • PLR Packages
  • Training Videos
  • Social Networking Tools
  • E-Courses
  • Membership Sites

There are many different giveaways for many different niches like self help, dating, fitness, pets, and many more.

How does it work?

You can participate in a Giveaway either as a member or as a JV (Joint Venture) Contributor.

  • If you join as a member – Since it’s a “giveaway” you can join for free and get as many of the gifts in the giveaway as you want.
  • If you join as a JV Contributor you will have to submit your free products to be added to the pot. The way you build your list is by sending people to your squeeze page and then sending them your free gift after they have signed up. There are two levels of contributors that you can join at:
    • Free contributor – usually the number of free gifts you can contribute is 1. The catch is that you have to promote the giveaway and refer people to sign up for the giveaway. The more people you refer (who sign up) the higher your gift will be in the list of products to download and therefore the more subscribers you’ll get. You can also make money from commissions if your referrals buy the special offers presented.
      • Paid contributor – after you sign up you will be presented with an OTO (One Time Offer) offering you the option to become a paid contributor for a much higher exposure and a better chance of making money. The price for the OTO is usually between $7 – $37 (varies for each giveaway). Just be careful of the really expensive upgrades as they may not be worth the time, effort and expense.

      Here are some of the options you can get as a paid contributor:

      • Your gift listed in the Random Hot Downloads page (This is the first page the members will see when they go to the get gifts area. This first page randomly displays 10 gifts from JV Partners that purchase this One Time Offer).
      • Direct Download Links
      • Can submit 3 – 5 free Gifts – the more gifts you submit the more exposure you get, and the more subscribers you get.
      • Can submit 2 – 5 of your own Special Offers
      • Can get 3 – 5 text ads for advertising of your own offers or affiliate offers
      • Upgrade Commission of 50% – 75% when one of your referrals purchases any special offer.

      As I mentioned earlier, this is the best way to generate loads of leads and build your email list. You can easily add anywhere between 50 – 1000 subscribers to your list, depending on the giveaway and the products you contribute.

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